Cocktails Menu

Cocktails Menu

Choose from a cocktail list hand made by our beloved bar tenders at Voyeur Bar. In each find the experience and passion for party that have been mixed with a touch of debauchery. Enjoy flavours from all over the world, chosen to provide you and yours with only the best.

    • Boulvardier of Broken Dreams
      Rye whiskey twist on a negroni, combining Dolin Bitter, Sweet Vermouth and High West Double Rye whiskey with a sweet plum finish

    • Juicy French Melons
      Juicy, sweet watermelon cold pressed and stirred down with Dolin Bitter, French melon liqueur and topped with bubbles.

    • Purple Rain 
      Balance of Plymouth Sloe Gin, grapefruit and sugar in this intriguing Purple Gin Sour.

    • Espresso Martini
      Bacardi Fuego spiced rum, vanilla and raspberry infused Kahlua, cold drip coffee

    • BDSM (Blueberry Dominated Spicy Mule) –
      House made blueberry and ginger infused vodka with spicy sweet gingerbeer, lime and mint with a dash of bitters. 

    • That's the last straw!
      Sweet Western Australian strawberries cold pressed and united with Martell VSOP French cognac, orange liqueur and lemon.

    • How do you like them apples?
      Fresh Cold pressed apple with your choice of house spirit
    • Californication
      A fascinating mix of 1800 Reposado Tequilla, Cynar, Peach aperitif and pineapple juice with some fresh squeezed lemon to balance. 
    • RUMble in the Jungle
      Spiced Rum with Summer Tropical Redbull and a fresh slice of Grapefruit.
    • Easy White Chocolate
      A passionate union of white chocolate liqueur, Aboslut ELYX, passionfruit and hand squeezed lemon.