Cocktails Menu

Cocktails Menu

Choose from a cocktail list hand made by our beloved bar tenders at Voyeur Bar. In each find the experience and passion for party that have been mixed with a touch of debauchery. Enjoy flavours from all over the world, chosen to provide you and yours with only the best.

    • The George Clooney
      This sex icon is a salty, sweet twist on your favourite espresso martini
      Salted Caramel Vodka - Salted Caramel - Espresso

    • The Hugh Hefner
      Comes in a jug size for when you have more than one playmate to satisfy. 
      Olmeca Reposado - Ruby Red Grapefruit - Citrus - Agave

    • The Dita Von Teese 
      This bramble twist advocates glamour, every day, every minute.
      Gin - Citrus – Dark Winter Berries

    • The Harvey Specter
      The Specter Start with whisky, add cold pressed apple juice, close with equal parts swagger and smarts.
      Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey – Fresh Cold Pressed Apple

    • Rita Hayworth
      The Hayworth is a glamorous twist of the sexy French Martini - Gilda wouldn’t have it any other way.
      Ketel One Vodka - Vanilla – Black Raspberry - Pineapple

    • The Paris Hilton
      The Hilton is rich, easy and pink three qualities this rum based drink shares with its name-sake.
      Havana Especial - Pineapple - Citrus- Pomegranate