What is an acceptable form of identification

  • A current, non-expired, valid photo ID is required of every patron visiting our venue after 9pm. The following forms of ID are acceptable:

  • Current Australian driver’s license with photograph

  • Current passport

  • Official Western Australian Proof-of-Age card

What is the dress code?

  • Dress code is upscale fashionable nightlife attire. Voyeur reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron deemed unsuitably attired.

  • The following clothes are not permitted at Voyuer: hats, caps, sandals, thongs, athletic attire/shoes, men’s shorts, steel capped boots, ripped or baggy clothing, fight brands, hoodies, indecent clothing or offensive prints, Fancy dress (exemptions apply for specific events and functions).

  • Gentlemen – collared shirts and dress shoes are preferred.

  • Please note that too many casual items may be deemed untidy or unsuitable for entry. Be safe, dress to impress. 

Does Voyeur have a cloak room?

  • Yes, Voyeur has a small cloaking facility for your convenience at a small charge.

  • Voyeur does request that guests keep bags into the club at a minimum and we reserve the right to check all bags on entry.

What Do I Do If I Have Lost An Item?

  • Please email the Voyeur team on Monday to enquire about Lost Property.

Why Can’t I Do Shots After Midnight?

  • It is now enforced by law under the Liquor Act 2007 to not serve a patron any drink designed for rapid consumption between midnight and 5 AM; this includes but is not limited to shots and/or bombs or renditions thereof and shooters.

What Is Your Tattoo Policy?

  • We do require any tattoo that can be seen as inappropriate or offensive to be covered.

What Time Is The Latest I Can Come To The Club?

  • Our door closes at 2.30am for arriving guests and re-entry.

How much is entry?

  • Friday and Saturday nights starts from $15 on the door for regular nights from 9pm, with a complimentary drink with every full priced entry before 11pm. These prices and conditions are subject to change and can vary depending on promoter or special events.